About Us

Strive to meet all your needs for doors and door systems

We zealously convert all your known and unknown requirements and ideas into optimized products and systems.

Provide you with professional pre-sales service

We will design the ideal style according to your needs and give the best configuration.

Provide you with a comprehensive sale service

During the execution of the contract, we will carefully organize production in accordance with the technical requirements and system configuration confirmed by both parties, provide timely sources of goods according to your project progress, and provide special training for your engineering and technical personnel during the installation period.

Provide you with perfect after-sales service

We will provide detailed technical information, use and maintenance instructions when shipping, and promise a one-year warranty. If the product fails during the warranty period, we will reply as soon as possible after receiving your notice or go to the scene to deal with the problem. After the warranty period expires, if you need spare parts, we will supply them at a preferential price.

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