Steel Interior Doors

TOMSON have a variety of interior doors to match various design styles apartment doors, with different glass windows or small shutters. Galvanized steel is covered by powder coating, or by various PVC imitation wood surface. It is not easily deformed, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean and is available for wet rooms, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms. Compared with traditional wooden doors, TOMSON steel interior doors have obvious advantages.

Surface:Standard color RAL9002 off-white, there are also nearly 200 RAL colors to choose from and to choose imitation wood surface, stainless steel surface, etc.
Leaf infill:Imported high-strength honeycomb cardboard
 Glazing and ventilation grilles are available for the rooms.
Leaf:1. Leaf steel thickness 40mm, Material is Baosteel high-quality Double-sided galvanized cold rolled sheet;
2. Leaf is an inner folding edge;
3. Leaf infill is imported high-strength honeycomb cardboard and fully bonded to the steel plate. It has the ability to resist impact.
Frame:1. Frame steel thickness1.5mm, Material is high-quality galvanized steel that is    bent and formed by special equipment at one time;
2. Internal fold closure, internal connection angle, built-in screw connection;
3. Three "R" seal grooves on the inside of the door frame and inlaid with "PVC" sealing strips to achieve the best airtightness and sound insulation between the door leaves and door frames, easy to replace
Leaf surface:Powder coating surface , Corrosion resistant and easy to clean. The surface of the    door panel is smooth and flat, without solder joints, welds, and screws
Lock:Comply with German DIN 18252 standard linkage plug-in non-fireproof lock body
Internal accessories:All hardware accessories are imported, stainless steel hinges
 Single leaf door: min size 400*1000, max size 1300*2500
Double leaf door: min size 1000*1000, max size 2500*2500