Elephant Doors

Product Brand: TOMSON

Product name: TOMSON Elephant Doors

Product Features: Protection, Insulation, Wind resistance

Project Case: Xi'an Silk Road International Convention and Exhibition Center, Jinan Western Convention and Exhibition Center, Fuzhou Digital China Convention and Exhibition Center, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center

Product description:

TOMSON Elephant Door, As a large glass door, As the name suggests, the weight is on the big axis of the elephant leg. Elephant door's door type is:  "门" not "日" . The maximum height of the door body can reach 6 meters or even higher, The female leaf has no sill design, the door in the door is hung on the female door frame, For the main truck aisle and general public entrances and exits of the exhibition hall, the elephant door is a practical and elegant solution. The entire door is made of section steel, Large area of glass is used as the door body to improve light transmittance. The use of full-length stainless steel hidden heaven and earth bolt locks, while ensuring the high quality of the product, maximizes the overall aesthetics. There is no threshold at the bottom of the door, which is convenient for trucks and personnel to pass through.

Product specification requirements:
Open mode:Flat way
Max size(mm):6000*6000
Frame material:Q235 or better material, Surface buckle aluminum profile or stainless steel
Glass material:8Low-E+16A+8mm Hollow tempered glass
The main structure:Rotating axis system, door frame