Steel profile Large Glass Fire Doors

Product Brand: TOMSON

Product name: TOMSON Steel Profile Large Glass Doors

Product Features: Insulation, sound insulation, protection

Project Case: Xi'an Silk Road International Convention and Exhibition Center, Jinan Western Convention and Exhibition Center, Fuzhou Digital China Convention and Exhibition Center, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center

Product description:

TOMSON Steel fire-rated Glass Doors is made of high-precision steel profiles, the surface of the steel profile uses zinc-magnesium alloy coating, which has high strength and corrosion resistance, at the same time more wear resistance and scratch resistance. The strength of TOMSON steel profile is three times that of aluminum alloy. It is not easy to be deformed when subjected to impact or other pressure, and the glass area can be made larger span and split size. TOMSON Steel fire-rated Glass Doors can realize the fire-proof function "more transparent and bright visually".

Product specification requirements:
Fire-rated:A1.0h-A3.0h; C1.0h-C3.0h
Sound insulation:45Db
product material:High quality steel and Glass (Material optional)