Stainless-steel Fire Doors

The yield strength of steel fire doors decreases sharply in the high temperature environment of fire. In the event of an explosion,the fire door could be broken by the airflow and lose its function. TOMSON stainless-steel fire doors use 310S or 309S heat-resistant stainless steel, they can still guarantee high yield strength and creep strength at 900℃. Therefore, it can effectively protect against explosive incidents.

Product Features:

Glass insulated fire door is designed and manufactured according to the standards GB12955-2008 and related enterprise standards.

Glass insulated fire door is made of steel material for the door frame and door leaf frame, and most of the area of the door body is fireproof glass.

Used in:

Inlet and Exit channel, the area requiring fire protection in crowded areas.

Type and performance index:
  1. TOMSON Framed fireproof glass door: Upper frame is 150mm (Considerations: door closer) Lower frame is 200mm (Considerations: lock and hardware). It depends on the project.
  2. TOMSON Maximum fire door size is 1800*2300 (Including glazing, height is 300), if required on site no transom light, Maximum fire door size can reach 1800*2200. It depends on the project.
  3. TOMSON Fire doors should be equipped with door closers, fireproof locks, fireproof hinges and other hardware. The double-leaf doors should also be equipped with the door selectors. Fire doors for evacuation passage, this fire doors should always open and no locks.