Wind-resistant fire doors

Product Brand: TOMSON

Product name: TOMSON Wind-resistant fire doors

Product Features:Fireproof、Smoke proof、Insulation

Project Cases:Shijiazhuang Metro,Zhengzhou Metro,Foshan Metro

Standard:GB 12955-2008《Fire-proof Door》
                   GB/T 7106-2008《Graduations and test methods of air permeability, watertightness, wind load resistance performance for building external windows and doors》

Frame steel thickness 2.0mm, Material: high-quality galvanized steel or stainless steel

Leaf steel thickness 1.2mm, Material: high-quality galvanized steel or stainless steel

Leaf Surface: Powder coating surface (RAL color card)

Fire retardant performance: Class A 1.5h

Wind load resistance performance: 2K PA/ 4KPA/6KPA

Use in: TOMSON Wind-resistant fire doors,which are often used in emergency evacuation openings in subway tunnels. During subway operation, wind pressure continuously produces positive and negative pressure effects on the door body. TOMSON Wind-resistant fire doors’ frame and leaf are made of high-quality galvanized steel sheet. There is reinforced channel steel in the door frame, and a reinforced frame in the door leaf, which enhances the overall wind pressure resistance of the door frame and door leaf. It has special functions such as fire prevention, smoke prevention, and suppression of fire spread, providing protection for personal safety.

Product highlights: TOMSON Wind-resistant fire doors’ leaf are filled with high-strength fire-resistant perlite board, with Class A fire resistance

Type: single leaf doors or double leaf doors
          Door leaf combined armor structure, the door leaf has strong resistance to deformation.

Hardware highlights: TOMSON Wind-resistant fire doors special design high-strength escape push bar lock, heavy hinges and door closers. The door frame and door leaf are made of high-quality galvanized steel or stainless steel, and treated with anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment, which has strong anti-corrosion ability.